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Branded Lanyards vs Retractable Badge Reels

05/31/2023 branding_basics

Now more than ever, employers prioritize information security and employee identification at the office and at events. As a result, the demand for branded lanyards and retractable badge reels has skyrocketed.

However, these accessories are not only essential for employees who need to carry photo IDs and security badges throughout the workday, but they also come in handy for driver's licenses and items like USB ports. With their convenient and practical designs, both badge reels and lanyards offer reliable solutions for wearing identification cards and keeping small items close by.

With that being said, let’s compare these two product solutions.

Branded Lanyards

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard is an accessory worn around the neck, typically crafted from polyester, cotton, or plastic. It features a clip or attachment at the bottom that securely holds important items like keys, ID badges, USB drives and even small flashlights. Wearing a lanyard is a convenient way to keep these items within reach, ensuring easy access and reducing the risk of misplacement.

Why is it Called a Lanyard?

The origin of the lanyard can be traced back to its usage by French soldiers and pirates during the late 15th century. These early lanyards allowed soldiers to keep their weapons within easy reach while navigating the ship's rigging or engaging in combat. The English term "lanyard" is derived from the French word "lanière," meaning "strap."

In those times, lanyards were simple straps made from rope or thread used onboard ships to secure guns or whistles. Soldiers in World War II wore this type of lanyard as well. However, the lanyards of that era had evolved to accommodate even more accessories, proving to be a practical tool for soldiers beyond original weapon holding.

Why Should I Wear a Lanyard?

From its humble beginnings as a basic rope or thread strap, the lanyard has transformed over time into a versatile accessory used to carry identification badges, keychains and more. Its history showcases its enduring functionality and adaptability throughout the years.

Lanyards are essential for businesses, healthcare workers, event organizers, and schools. They're perfect for keeping professional ID badges front and center and securely in place. However, anyone with an ID or car keys can benefit from being gifted a lanyard. This accessory ultimately keeps your small items at arm's length.

Your company can choose from branded lanyards with metal crimps to flat panels to bulldog clips on our site.

Branded Retractable Badge Reels

What is a Retractable Badge Reel?

A badge reel securely holds and retracts a cord connected to a badge holder. Traditionally, it comes in square or round shapes, with a diameter of approximately 1.25”. A belt clip is typically featured on the back of the badge reel to ensure easy attachment and secure fit.

Badge reels come in a wide range of styles, each offering a different type of clothing attachment clip. Spring clips, belt clips and closed-end pins are typical variations that attach the retractable badge reel to your clothing. The cord is usually 27”-36” long and connected to a spring mechanism inside the casing. This crafty mechanism enables the cord to retract smoothly and effortlessly when pulled.

Who Wears Badge Reels?

Similar to lanyards, multiple companies, schools and other organizations use badge reels as their preferred method of holding their ID badge. They come in particular use in the healthcare industry due to their ease of being cleaned.

What Does a Badge Reel Do?

With their compact design and retractable cord, badge reels provide a practical and efficient way to display and access identification cards or badges. Whether in professional settings, conferences or events, the badge reel offers a reliable solution for employees and professionals to keep their identification easily accessible.

On our site, you can choose from a wide selection of branded retractable badge reels that are either oval, round or square shape.

Which Product Is Right For My Company?

The decision between a branded lanyard or retractable badge reel depends on your preference and work environment. Let us guide you through the benefits of each so that you can make an informed decision.

In settings where identification visibility is critical, lanyards take the lead. They effortlessly display your security badge whenever needed, speeding up the verification process. The badge is easily accessible and allows immediate visual confirmation without the need to physically grab it. Efficiency and professionalism are at your fingertips.

Safety is also a paramount factor, especially in areas with heavy machinery. With their dangling nature, lanyards can get tangled and cause potential injury. That's when retractable badge reels come into play. They're designed for more functionality, allowing you to swipe your badge without risk or worry.

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Branded Lanyards and Retractable Badge Reels