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Employee Appreciation Ideas for Remote and Distributed Teams

08/17/2023 worklife

In the era of remote work, physical distance can sometimes lead to a disconnected workforce. To keep employees engaged and connected, it’s important to invest in different recognition strategies that appreciate employees from afar – and here’s how you can do just that.

How Can Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts Support Work-Life Balance?

Recognizing remote team members with custom products as gifts can play a significant role in supporting their work-life balance. Thoughtful gifts that cater to their work-from-home environment show employees that they are valued, even if they’re not physically present in the office. The right gifts can also encourage virtual employees to pursue activities in their personal life, ensuring they don’t feel overworked.

Firstly, providing virtual team-building activities or gifting self-care packages can help employees feel engaged at work, contributing to a healthier work-life balance. These gifts provide them with opportunities to take a break from their daily workload for some company-sponsored fun or care. Additionally, buying remote employees lunch via meal delivery service is another way to help them feel supported and seen during the work day.

You’ll also want to think about employee appreciation gifts that take personal interests and hobbies into account, acknowledging that employees have lives outside of the office. This humanized approach fosters better connection between employers and virtual employees, and helps you get to know them as individuals. For example, you could give a golf-enthusiast colleague some golf swag such as branded balls or a custom hat as appreciation for their recent work on a time-consuming project or a self-proclaimed chef some kitchen utensils complete with their initials and the company logo.

By investing in remote employee appreciation gifts that prioritize work-life balance, organizations communicate their commitment to their employees, values and company culture. Ultimately, this leads to higher job satisfaction, improved morale and increased productivity in a remote work setting.

Boost Morale and Engagement: Employee Appreciation Ideas for Remote Teams

Although many employees enjoy their virtual work environment, it can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Employees may miss out on in-person interactions and social connections, which can negatively impact their well-being and output. Without proper support, your virtual teams could experience stress and anxiety, leading to a decrease in productivity and motivation.

To keep remote teams engaged, happy and productive, organizations must prioritize virtual team-building activities and tokens of appreciation. Examples of virtual team-building activities include online game nights, virtual happy hours or coffee breaks or engaging lunch-and-learn sessions. These events can create meaningful connections between colleagues across the organizations, no matter where they’re located. You could even provide them with gifts to go with the events, such as personalized drinkware for the virtual happy hour.

On that note, providing personalized appreciation gifts, such as self-care packages or home office supplies, show that your organization cares about its remote workforce and every employees’ well-being. Additionally, since virtual team members may not receive in-person praise, these gifts let them know that their work is seen and appreciated. This can prevent feelings of isolation and also increase motivation and morale from home.

What are Affordable and Meaningful Remote Employee Appreciation Gift Options?

Desk Accessories

An employee’s work-from-home office space should be just as exciting and motivating as a desk space in an office, and this can be achieved with custom desk accessories. Engraved plaques, nameplates or motivational desk signs are affordable and meaningful gifts that employees can proudly display at home. A more unique gift could be custom desk plants, adding a bit of nature and greenery to their office setup.

Self-Care Kits

As mentioned, remote work can be stressful and isolating. To prevent burnout and loneliness, gifting self-care kits with items like scented candles, stress balls or essential oils provide employees with a gift that prioritizes their well-being. Additionally, these gifts are a company reminder for employees to take time for themselves, showing them that their health is valued.

Company Branded Apparel

What’s better than a brand new outfit to sport on virtual team meetings and video calls? Branded apparel like t-shirts, polos, hoodies and more not only demonstrate appreciation but also create a sense of belonging within your company. Employees can also wear these items in their daily lives, boosting brand awareness out in public as well.

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