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SPP Trends: Let's Get Gardening

04/16/2021 styles_trends

Celebrate spring with products perfect for spending time outdoors gardening vegetables, flowers, herbs and more.

Spring has sprung! The start of the growing season is a great time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and celebrate new beginnings. Cultivate relationships and grow something special with clients, employees and more with products that encourage them to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Outdoor Leisure

Getting out of the house or office to enjoy time in nature has never been more important. After being cooped up inside during winter, everyone is excited to get out and enjoy their time in the sun.  Whether growing beautiful flowers, zesty herbs or delicious fruits and vegetables, give the gift of gardening for hours and hours of fun in the sun.

Giving recipients everything, they need to get their hands dirty in the garden encourages them to get outside, stretch their legs and stay active. Discover easy gardening solutions that both experienced and first-time gardeners will be able to use, love and appreciate.

Garden Goals

No matter their experience with gardening, recipients will appreciate the challenge of growing their own plants. Even those who don’t traditionally have a green thumb will thank your brand for making it so easy for them to successfully have the garden of their dreams.

Both expert and amateur gardeners will be proud to share with friends and family how well their plant is doing. For additional exposure, try encouraging recipients to share pictures of their plant's progress and tag your brand on their social media.

Enjoying the Harvest

Whether they are growing flowers, fruits or vegetables, recipients will think of your brand every time they water their plants or tend to their garden.  Providing tools and products that make it easy to display their beautiful flowers or eat the fruits, vegetables and herbs of their harvest is a great way to continue the brand experience.

As the weather continues to get warmer, people will feel more comfortable gathering together while still staying safe. Try encouraging recipients to gather for outdoor picnics and more is a great opportunity for them to enjoy their harvest while sharing with their friends and family how much they have enjoyed working with your brand

What are you waiting for? Give the gift of gardening this season and discover tools, pots, seeds, picnic gear and all the gardening must-have items this season.

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