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A massive increase in online shopping and residential deliveries has created record-breaking shipment volumes for UPS, FedEx and USPS. They can't keep up with demand. This can add days to production and delivery times in some instances. As your partner, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and service. Planning ahead allows Staples Promotional Products to help you meet your desired timelines. If you have large orders and tight deadlines, please call customer service for extra planning and attention.

On-time delivery could require longer shipping lead times, so order early!

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Plan & order early!

While Staples is working with suppliers and freight carriers to secure priority processing, delays cannot be mitigated in all cases. Shipping carriers do not know when shipping volumes and capacities will normalize. We will keep you informed as volumes and shipping times improve.

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2022 Tradeshow Trends

01/05/2022 industry_insights, branding_basics

Check out the latest trends and strategies for in-person, virtual and hybrid events for tradeshow success in 2022 and beyond. 


Tradeshows are here to stay. In 2019, the global B2B trade show market was valued at 34.4 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2023, this figure is expected to surpass 40 billion (Statista). This gives brands of all sizes the opportunity to “think outside the booth” to successfully launch new products, promote their organization, network and so much more.  


Say yes to success this tradeshow season with tips, tricks and the hottest branded items for building better in-person, virtual and hybrid experiences. 


Success in Every Setting 


Health and safety need to be a top priority for gatherings of any size. For the past two years, event organizers, brands and more have been challenged with pivoting to virtual events, returning to in-person events with intense COVID-19 restrictions and incorporating hybrid events. Utilizing promotional products is a great way to turn these new challenges into branding opportunities for organizations of all sizes.  


Particularly with hybrid and virtual tradeshows, it can be easy for participants to feel disconnected. Sending participants materials to prepare them for online, hybrid and in-person settings is a great way to raise excitement, encourage participation and connect with audiences wherever they are.  


Think Outside the Booth  


It’s unrealistic to assume participants will take the time to engage with every organization at a tradeshow. That’s why standing out against the competition to attract audiences is crucial to tradeshow success! First, try grabbing their attention with creative signage and table solutions to set the scene, then keep their attention with interactive and engaging experiences. 


Creating an experience at your station not only attracts a wider audience but also gives participants something to remember your brand by in both virtual and in-person settings. Incentivizing audiences with online or in-person games, photo opportunities, drawings, branded prizes and other experiences are great for attracting audiences long enough to create lasting impressions.   


Reimagining Contact Cards 


Traditional business cards, brochures and other handouts are extremely easy to lose or throw away. Branded giveaway items offer a sturdy option to get the same message across that they are more likely to keep.  


Featuring social media, phone numbers, emails, websites and other essential contact information on promo gives recipients an easy way to reach out to your organization. Whether you are reaching your audience online or in person, including your contact information or any other messaging will give recipients the right giveaway items, provide an added incentive to stay in touch.  


Year-Round Engagement 


The primary goal of any tradeshow is to make attendees remember you long after the event is over. Traditional emails and phone calls can easily be ignored. Without incentives, it can be easy for audiences to ignore or forget the organizations they connect with. 


Finding organic ways to bring your brand to mind will make audiences excited to connect with you. Encouraging audiences to follow you on social media allows them to keep up with your brand on their own time. After the event, your new followers can see what’s new, deals, events and more every time they scroll their feed.   


Start shopping! Explore the latest tradeshow styles and trends for effective advertising and marketing solutions to ensure your event's success.