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An Ocean of Opportunities

03/21/2019 styles_trends

Oceanic Inspiration

Inspired by the waves and the sea, the ocean color palette can range from pale periwinkle to seafoam and from teal to navy. There’s just something about the crystal clear ocean waters; they evoke a beauty that isn’t quickly forgotten. Combining elements of relaxation and the fresh outdoors, the refreshing colors of the ocean can symbolize the desire for freedom and serenity. The lighter shades of the ocean can be tranquil and calming, while the darker shades are more vibrant and striking.

Ocean Colors and Your Brand

The beautiful hues often seen in the ocean can range from blues to greens. When choosing your promotional products, colors such as sea mist and seafoam are great options because they represent the ocean color which prompts a free-spirited, calming mood. You can’t go wrong with a combination of two popular and eye-catching colors!

Blue is one of the most versatile colors in both fashion and design. It can be used as a background color, an accent color and everything in between. It could almost be considered a neutral color because of its versatility and simplicity. With so many beautiful hues of blue, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your brand.

Ocean-Inspired Promotional Products

Staples Promotional Products offers a wide range of products in the many different shades of the ocean. Check out these custom tote bags and personalized water bottles! You will also find Bluetooth® speakers, journals, stylus pens, jackets and more in these vibrant and calming colors.

Inspired by nature, the shades of the ocean are fresh and invigorating colors that can be easily incorporated into any brand or campaign. Great for beach-themed events, poolside promotions or any summer campaigns, the ocean colors will make your brand pop. Whether you’re looking for products that inspire relaxation and tranquility or you’re looking for prominent colors that won’t be overlooked, you’re sure to find a variety of ocean-colored, brand-boosting items at Staples Promotional Products.