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Back-to-School: High School

07/07/2021 seasonal, worklife

Showcase your school spirit with promotional items and branded merchandise to start high school off on the right track.

From freshmen just starting their journey to seniors getting ready for their next adventure, high school students everywhere are getting ready to finally head back to high school. Across the nation, schools are saying goodbye to online learning and finally opening their doors to welcome students back again—high schools especially.

Use this year as an opportunity to celebrate their return to school with branded merchandise to encourage everyone's school pride.

Benefits of School Spirit

Students need morale boosts too! Mixing a healthy dose of school spirit with academics can play a huge role in motivating students, increasing participation, developing friendships and so much more.

School spirit can be related closely to brand loyalty. Much like brand loyalty for corporations, stronger bonds and closer relationships between the student, parent or alumnus, leads to loyalty and support. For students, this can lead to an overall better environment they are excited to learn and grow in.

Celebrating school pride can also help build the community. Events like games, concerts, homecoming, pep rallies and more make residents feel excited to support the school. This can lead to sponsorships, donations and volunteers to benefit the school for generations to come.

Whether returning full-time, online or on a hybrid schedule, use this back-to-school season as an opportunity to get students excited and connected with the school again.


Back to School Promotional Items

After spending so much time learning online, many students are most excited to participate in sports, clubs and their other favorite extracurricular activities. As they get back in action, try using gifts like T-shirts to welcome and invite students to start participating again. Both Ladies’ T-shirts and Men's T-shirts, along with other apparel items are great for clubs, sports and more to use for fundraising, uniforms and team spirit.

Stylus Pens

School Spirit Promotional Items

Many schools are embracing tablets for online learning in and out of the classroom. While tablets are great for accessibility and efficiency, touch screens can host germs, bacteria and more on their surfaces from frequent usage. Minimize students going home sick by providing Custom Stylus Pens to students online and in-person, to minimize the spread of germs.

Bumper Stickers

School Merchandise Ideas

No matter where they go, bumper stickers are great for students and their family members. Custom Bumper Stickers are ideal for celebrating honor roll students, club members, athletic departments and so much more. Even if the student doesn't drive, bumper stickers can also be used to decorate folders, laptops, water bottles and so much more.

Teachers deserve a celebration too! For additional ways to ring in the new school year, make sure to read Back-to-School: Faculty and Staff and Celebrate Teachers for ideas and inspiration.

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