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5 Creative Ways to Distribute Promo

11/09/2022 branding_basics

Loyal and potential clients, customers and employees often have other options for who they can work with. That’s why it’s important to impress your audience from the start and continuously grab their attention to show your appreciation for their business.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with 5 creative ways to distribute your custom-branded products.

Standing Out with Promo for Big and Small Business

It’s not enough to just simply “give” branded products out. Anything your brand can do to elevate an experience to stand out from the competition will help impress your target audience. Don’t be afraid to plan far in advance to think of every possibility.

Whether choosing a large, extravagant display, or solving the smallest problems before they occur, recipients will associate your smart thinking with your organization's capabilities. If you don’t plan ahead, you risk audiences choosing your competition only because you couldn’t grab their attention.

5 Creative Custom Giveaway Strategies

1. Promotional Products for Launch Events

Promotional items are the perfect choice for any product launch, welcome ceremony, or grand opening. Giving swag bags is always appreciated, but you should consider the logistics of handing them out before or after your presentation.

If you give it out before, you can include materials like branded notebooks, pens or anything they can use during the presentation. Handing out branded goodie bags after the event; however, is a wonderful way to thank your audience for joining the celebration. Additionally, if you want to share samples of whatever you are introducing, waiting until after the presentation ensures the surprise stays secret until the appropriate time.

2. Custom Giveaways for Rewards

Your target audience has other options, try creating a customer or employee loyalty program that rewards recipients for continuously working with your brand. This can be as simple as a punch card that rewards every purchase, or a special branded gift for large milestones.

3. Branded Items for a Tradeshow Booth

Tradeshows are the perfect opportunity to connect with loyal and potential customers. The downside of any tradeshow is that you are often battling for your target audience's attention in the same space as your competition. Without a compelling display, your brand risks attendees going to your competition simply because they had a more exciting booth.

A great way to combat this is to provide useful, unique and eye-catching custom promotional products. Providing custom branded totes with information about your message already inside is an excellent start. If you really want to stand out, try incorporating unique items, games, selfie stations, experiences or anything else to draw attention away from competitors and toward your booth.

4. Big and Small Holiday Gifting

While it’s extremely important to reach out to your target audience for big holidays, celebrating smaller holidays is a fantastic way to stand out. Celebrating holidays like professional appreciation weeks with personal gifts, parties or catered brunches is an excellent way to show how much their hard work is appreciated.

If your brand is looking for additional loyal employees or clients, sending small gifts, letters or mailers to potential candidates is a terrific way to start laying the groundwork for future brand loyalty. Even if they don’t choose you, your brand still receives a positive impression that the original recipient can share with their friends and family who might be interested instead.

5. Expressing Customer & Employee Appreciation

Did you know that, according to Gallup, employees who receive meaningful recognition in the workplace are 3.6 times more likely to work harder than before? Prioritizing incentive and recognition programs ensures that your organization acknowledges hard work and minimizes burnout or feelings of resentment toward your brand.

One way your brand can do this is to implement a program to celebrate milestones. At Staples Promotional Products, we have the capabilities to create an online incentive and recognition programs help every milestone automatically be recognized and celebrated.