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How to Choose Effective Promo Styles

05/12/2022 branding_basics

Learn the secret to easily choosing the most effective, stylish and innovative branding solutions for your marketing needs.

Don’t settle for stuff over strategy. Promotional products do more than just advertise a brand; they convey a brand's true essence, share information, foster relationships and so much more. Discover the power of promo and learn how to choose the most effective products for your branding needs.

Why Choose Promo for Marketing?

Choosing promotional products is the best way to get the most out of your marketing budget. Unlike other forms of marketing, promotional products offer a physical reminder of your brand. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) ASI found that 85% of those who receive apparel items, like shirts or hats, can recall the brand they received it from. Additionally, the ASI found that consumers are 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products than internet advertising.

Representing Your Brand with the Right Branded Merchandise

Choosing items people will want to wear and use will help grab everyone's attention. Whether you like it or not, everything your brand associates with or produces reflects your organization. Cutting corners or opting for low-quality materials, outdated styles, or any other “cost-cutting” solutions will cause audiences to associate your brand as low-quality and can lead recipients to believe that you don’t value them.

Innovative Branding Solutions

It’s not always about what your brand says, but how you say it. Some effective promotional items might seem insignificant, but even the smallest gestures, upgrades or special details can speak volumes about your brand. Thinking ahead to make something easier or an experience more exciting shows recipients that your brand is professional and prepared. Going the extra mile with special features or experiences like kits, online stores and more are great for avoiding “just handing over,” an item.

Set your brand apart with innovative solutions to make milestones, first impressions and more for an experience they will always positively associate with your brand. For example, try welcoming new hires with a welcome gift containing items to make them feel appreciated or prepare their space for a work from home setup.

Collaborate with Promo Experts

We strive to connect clients with memorable merchandise with custom domestic and imported products that represent their brand, not just their logo. While you focus on providing the best work to your audience, our team is dedicated to making your brand stand out by staying up to date with the latest styles and trends to choose products that truly communicate your brand's values, image and essence.

Throughout the year, our experienced merchandising specialists research the latest and upcoming trends to ensure your brand can select the best of the best. Keep your brand in the spotlight with the most current trends, make sure to check out our new idea books, blogs and trend briefs for ideas, inspiration and more.

Promotional items can be styled to ensure that your brand's integrity is kept while providing a product that people will continue to use while getting your logo out there. Check out our entire inventory on our site to see what's right for you!