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SPP Trends: Automotive Influence

02/28/2022 styles_trends

Check out the latest trends, designs and details inspired by the power of cars.

Did you know that there are 276 million vehicles registered in America according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration? Whether they are primarily using their vehicles for work duties, errands or pleasure, Americans across the country are spending significant time in the car. That time leaves most Americans developing a deep and personal connection with their vehicle.

Learn more about how your brand can use the latest trends, designs and details inspired by cars for your marketing strategy.

Automotive Trends 

Automotive materials, colors and styling details have a lot of influence on other categories of consumer products and goods. Advancing technologies, electric vehicles, interior designs and product finishes are all influential in new product design. This trend highlights key elements of design and how they have inspired and been translated into details of products that can be used for brand marketing.

Cars: Past, Present and Future

The auto industry has been an essential part of the American economy for over 100 years. Cars can show us a look into the future or a nod to the past. Using classic or futuristic materials, details and design can evoke positive feelings that mix nostalgia with technology and innovation. Elements of smooth lines, chrome finishes, classic leather can be mixed with futuristic neon lights, contrasting colors and iridescent finishes to achieve a classic yet modern aesthetic.

Check out drinkware, car accessories and more auto-inspired products for the perfect branding solutions.