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SPP Trends: Games and Puzzles

04/18/2022 styles_trends

Discover games and puzzles and learn how fun get-togethers can lead to increased brand exposure.

Most people have fond memories of playing with their favorite toys as children. Give recipients that “new birthday gift,” feeling every time they see your brand with fun toys, games and puzzles featuring your logo.

Games, Desk Accessories and Productivity

A workspace can say a lot about a person. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to creating a productive workspace. Everyone has different working styles. For instance, the level of preferred noise, decoration and organization differs from person to person in any workspace. Providing branded games and more can help liven a space and create a more personalized working environment.

Taking time for breaks is the perfect opportunity to rest our eyes, stretch our bodies, get some more oxygen flowing and recharge our minds. A fresh outlook on the tasks ahead and the renewed energy that can come from changing daily habits can have real benefits. Encouraging staff to take a quick break with a puzzle or short game can increase productivity and minimize burnout. So, go ahead and grab a brain toy, do some coloring or complete a crossword!

Branded Game Nights

Game nights are a wonderful way to connect with friends, families, acquaintances and even coworkers. Branded games put your brand in the center of the fun and can be given to recipients as a unique corporate gift that they can share with their circle of loved ones. Custom promotional games can also be perfect for various corporate gatherings like fundraisers, networking events, tradeshows and more.

Discover more fun solutions to promote your brand with a wide selection of custom games and puzzles chosen by our industry experts.