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Brand Spotlight: XACTLY

05/07/2019 styles_trends

Staples is proud to bring you retail brand products that allow your appreciation and your brand to truly shine, helping you reach the right audience every time. In this week’s brand spotlight, we talk revolutionary lifestyle brand: XACTLY. 

XACTLY is a new brand of intuitive, integrated, travel and lifestyle gear supporting a balanced life of work, play, travel and fitness. XACTLY products are designed to support the needs of an active lifestyle through thoughtful materials, organization, functionality and purpose.


One of XACTLY’s key initiatives involves doing business as a force for good. XACTLY focuses on a triple bottom line of profitability, social and global impact. As a premium lifestyle brand with a social goodness mission, XACTLY is redefining what it means to do successful business.


XACTLY even has a strategic partnership with Planet Water Foundation, an organization that helps bring clean water to disadvantaged schools and communities around the world.


Sustainably sourced at every step of the supply and manufacturing chain, all XACTLY products are engineered without negatively impacting the planet or the communities cleanly and consciously creating our products.


Through innovation, intuition, and an extra bottom line, XACTLY is a proud, Pending B Corporation.


Basically, XACTLY is on a journey to act, inspire the community and build intuitive products that simply feel right.


For more information on how you can start working with sustainability-focused, for-profit and for-good brands like XACTLY, contact your Staples Representative. To see even more awesome retail brands, check out Retail Brands You Know and Love.