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How Can My Brand Be Health Conscious with Promo Giveaways?

07/26/2023 health_wellness

In a post-pandemic world, people are paying more attention to their personal health and wellness than ever before. In fact, over 70% of Americans consider themselves more health conscious since the start of the pandemic, with many crediting it for teaching them how important their health truly is.

Regardless of your industry or audience, it’s important to show consumers that you, too, are prioritizing their health and wellness as a company. One of the easiest places to start? Your promotional marketing efforts. Here are a few promo giveaway items that can promote both your brand and the well-being of your audience.

Hand Sanitizer Giveaways

Giving away portable hand sanitizer is about as health conscious as you can get when it comes to promotional items. They’re one of the only products that can help you effectively kill bacteria on the go, promoting cleanliness and reducing the spread of germs at conferences, expos and other corporate events. Additionally, they’re especially useful at outdoor events such as golf outings, concerts and festivals – finding somewhere to wash your hands in the middle of a crowded event may be difficult and your audience will thank you later for the convenience.

While hand sanitizer may not seem like the most eye-catching promotional item, there are several ways to customize promotional hand sanitizers to make them modern, practical, and fun for your audience to use. Some come with rubber holders or carabiners, allowing your audience to attach it to their purse, backpack or belt loop; others come with colored beads or even a slap wristband carrier for an extra fun and unique promotional item.

Lip Balm Promotional Giveaways

Did you know that 81% of women and 39% of men use lip care products, with the average American woman applying them more than 2 times per day? This not only makes lip balm a very popular beauty and wellness product, but one that will give your brand plenty of exposure as a promotional item as well. Plus, the average tube of lip balm lasts two to three months, giving your company months worth of exposure from a single item.

As for the health benefits, lip balm hydrates and locks in the moisture, keeping your lips plump while preventing any dryness or chapping. This is especially important for audiences who live in cold or dry climates, or for those who are into snow sports like skiing or snowboarding. In addition to hydration, some lip balms have added SPF to protect your lips from harmful UV rays and sun damage. This type of lip balm would be best suited for audiences in sunny climates, or for giving away at events held in the summer.

Promotional Face Masks

Face masks became essential to the health and safety of the population during the height of COVID-19, and continue to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness in public settings. By giving them away, you’re showing your company’s continued commitment to the well-being of employees, clients and customers who interact with your brand.

While anyone can benefit from wearing a face mask, they’re a particularly good promotional item for healthcare professionals or those who often find themselves in crowded settings. Additionally, if the common cold strikes at a populated conference or event, attendees who receive a face mask can still enjoy themselves without worrying about getting sick. And as for benefits for your company, what better way to put your logo on display than to have someone wearing it across their face?

Other Health and Wellness Giveaways

Mini tissue packets are a popular health conscious event and trade show swag item because people use them whether they have a cold, allergies or to wipe their kids’ noses. Your audience can conveniently pack them in their purse or pocket to use throughout the day, giving your brand exposure each time they reach for them. Additionally, their affordability makes them a budget-friendly promo giveaway product.

Branded gel packs are another unique wellness product that can be used either cold and hot. When frozen, they provide soothing relief for headaches, muscle aches and swelling for up to 3 hours after freezing. Alternatively, you can put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, allowing up to 90 minutes of warm comfort for muscle tension, cramps and relaxation. These are a great promotional item option for athletes, yogis or even parents in need of hot or cold packs for their children.

All it takes is a few clicks to find the perfect health conscious promo giveaways with Staples Promo! Browse our website and find the above mentioned items and so much more that can be customized with your company logo, colors or messaging.

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