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Influencer Marketing 101

08/25/2021 branding_basics

Build your brand’s following and discover how collaborating with content creators and influencers can maximize your branding strategy.  


Hubspot defines influencer marketing as “employing leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand’s message to your target audience.”  No matter what your marketing goals are, collaborating with influencers is an effective advertising solution that audiences won’t see as “just another annoying ad.”  


Discover the new age of influencer marketing and learn how your brand can collaborate with content creators to reach your target audience and boost conversions. 


Why Influencer Marketing? 


It’s no secret that ads can be the worst. Nobody wants to feel bombarded or interrupted by brands when they are reading a magazine, watching TV or listening to the radio on their commute-- many choose to skip when they can.  


Influencers are often trusted trendsetters that many viewers rely on before making their decisions. The best part about influencer marketing is that content creators can use their platform to promote your brand to your ideal audience across different channels. This allows your organization to expand your reach without your brand seeming inauthentic or too “gimmicky.”   




With the growing popularity of social media, online shopping and contactless services, brands everywhere are catching on to the benefits of influencer marketing. According to Business Insider, influencers and other paid content will represent 20% of US agency and marketing professionals' digital ad budgets in 2021.   


Word-of-Mouth Win 


Since influencers work hard to build their own following, they have a unique advantage with their audience. Similar to celebrity endorsements, their established online presence allows their audience to view them as a friend, trusted expert and someone to admire.   


In every market, trust is the key. For many individuals, it’s easier to trust one person to follow and connect with, rather than an entire company that can seem biased when promoting themselves.  HubSpot found that 49% of consumers today depend on influencer recommendations for their purchase decisions, and 60% say they've been influenced by a recommendation when shopping in-store.  


Utilizing Influencers with Promo 


No matter the size of your organization, the possibilities for collaborating with influencers and content creators are endless. When working with influencers, the goal should always be to create an experience that will effectively spread your message while catching everyone's attention.  


Many brands have found success sending influencers branded products featuring their logo, exclusive merchandise, limited edition products, invitations and curated unboxing experiences to open online. This will make the viewer feel invested in the success of your brand’s campaign and genuinely interested in your message. Some might even reach out to your brand personality to see if they can purchase or where they can find the branded products used by the influencer.  


Depending on your branding goals and budget these gifts can be practically anything! Sending promotional items or curated unboxing experiences is especially ideal for celebrations, milestones, premiers, launches, openings and any other big announcements. 


For items to impress any influencer, check out a collection of Curated Retail Brands featuring some of our favorite options selected by our expert merchandising team to give to get started. 


Browse our Kitting and Fulfillment Guide for creative kits and packaging solutions and feel free to use the chat feature to get started or if you have any questions.