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Product Spotlight: Blue Light Glasses

01/22/2020 styles_trends industry_insights

From cellphones to computer monitors, people spend a significant portion of their day glued to various screens. Unfortunately, this causes several adults to experience some form of eyestrain. 70% of adults who report regular usage of media devices experience some symptoms of digital eyestrain, but many did nothing to lessen their comfort mainly due to lack of knowledge. Help protect their eyes from screens, lights and more with sought after Blue Light Glasses. 


What is Blue Light? 


Blue Light is a form of visible light that has a particularly intense wavelength and energy. Unlike ultraviolet rays, blue light travels further and damages the back of the eye. This damage strains eyes and can cause headaches, difficulty sleeping, mental fatigue and even blurry vision.  


Sources of Blue Light: 


While computer, phone, television and tablet screens are the most well-known for emitting Blue Light-fluorescent lights, LED lights and even the sky can cause damage. Studies show that 60% of American adults are exposed to blue light emitting screens for over six hours daily. Using Blue Light glasses help filter and limit the amount of damaging light that makes it to the eyes.  



Promotional Blue Light Glasses are stylish, unique and extremely practical. Recipients will appreciate the gesture and associate your brand with their decreased headaches, less eyestrain and a good night’s rest. Blue Light glasses are particularly great for any professional that frequently uses a computer screens, tablets or cellphones. 


Interested in promoting your healthy vision while promoting your brand with Blue Light glasses? Contact your Staples Representative about placing an order! Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.