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Custom Merchandise Spotlight: Self Care Gifts

07/26/2023 health_wellness

Finding the perfect gratitude gift can be an overwhelming experience, especially when the recipient is a client, employee or customer. You don’t want to buy just any old gift, you want one that’s personal, practical and shows appreciation for the people who interact with your business every day.

Self care gifts check all those boxes and then some, and are a thoughtful way of communicating your company values while showing your audience you genuinely care about their personal well-being. Workplace stress and burnout is unfortunately all too common, and giving a gift that promotes both physical and mental wellness can help your recipients take some much needed time to rest and relax. Plus, you can add your company logo to increase impressions while you’re at it.

Self Care Gift Ideas

Mental Health Gifts

Self-care goes well beyond taking care of yourself physically. Mental health is more important than ever, with nearly half of Americans reporting recent symptoms of an anxiety or depressive disorder according to a 2021 study. When it comes to showing support for your employees or customers’ mental well-being, consider gifting items that encourage relaxation, stress relief and mindfulness. Tapping into the popularity of aromatherapy is one way to go, gifting your audience with a set of soothing essential oils complete with a branded oil diffuser.

Another option is a compact custom sound machine, allowing recipients to enjoy the calming sounds of nature, the ocean or plain white noise at home or on-the-go. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech, a pair of noise canceling headphones can help your audience block out the noise and stress of a busy day, allowing them to listen to guided meditations or music in peace. And when you’re having trouble choosing between all of the above, you can’t go wrong with a gift basket filled with mental health goodies. Read more about how your brand can support mental health awareness.

Personal Care Gifts

Sometimes the best form of self-care is a full day of physical pampering, but gifting something like a spa certificate to your audience could get very expensive, very quickly. However, there are a variety of personal care items you can personalize with your logo to help your audience achieve that same, spa-like experience at home. Bath and body products, such as bath bombs, lotions and body scrubs, are practical and affordable personal care items that your audience will love using.

Additionally, you can combine custom blankets, comfortable sleep masks and scented candles to put together a complete personal care gift package. Or, if you’d prefer to focus on personal health, you could also customize items like portable hand sanitizers, face masks and more to give as gifts. Whatever route you go, recipients are sure to appreciate you prioritizing their physical well-being.

Self Care Christmas Gifts

While many consider Christmas “the most wonderful time of the year”, the holiday season is also extremely hard for many, leading to higher levels of stress, loneliness and other symptoms of mental health conditions. Giving the gift of self care can make spirits a little brighter this Christmas, relieving your audience of stress and giving them a little extra rest and relaxation. Customizing a holiday-themed self care gift basket could make all the difference in your audience’s well-being. Fuzzy socks, hot cocoa mixes, scented candles and other cozy apparel items are just a few of the self-care products you can personalize your holiday gift basket with.

Instead of customizing each item with your company colors, consider opting for red, green, gold or another Christmas color of your choosing to make it extra festive. Another gifting idea that’s become popular in recent years are custom advent calendars. While advent calendars traditionally come with chocolates to open each day before Christmas, modern versions include wine, socks, stickers, and other items that align with your audience's personal habits and hobbies. In this case, customizing an advent calendar with self care surprises can provide a daily dose of self-care throughout December. By giving self care Christmas gifts, you contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of the holiday season for your loved ones.

Design Self Care Gifts With Your Brand Logo

Customizing self-care gifts with your brand logo reinforces your company’s values and commitment to the well-being of your audience, while also increasing brand awareness and impressions. And the best part? Designing these items has never been easier thanks to Staples Promotional Products. Shop our selection of high-quality health and wellness items, plus thousands of other promotional products you can customize with your company logo, colors and slogan.

Self Care Gift Ideas