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SPP Trends: Color-Coded Organization

09/09/2021 styles_trends

Embrace organization and discover fun ways to implement colorful storage and organization tools featuring your logo.  


Don’t just be colorful; color with strategy! Color-coding can be a great visual reminder to assign specific meaning to certain colors. Color can serve as an indicator for most urgent issues, while others can be used for days of the week, identifying teams and so much more. Learn more about how color coding can improve overall organization and expand your branding. 


Organization is Key 


We instinctively recognize colors and associate meaning to them far faster than we can read text. Color-coding your organizational process at work, home and more can be a visual way to give everyone cues and prompts to keep on top of whatever the situation might demand.  


Adding even a little color to everyday items can increase functionality and minimize chaos, time spent and even danger. Being able to quickly locate items or identify situations helps avoid frustration and allows users to spend less time searching, wondering and worrying and more time being productive.  


How to Color with Purpose 


The whole reason color-coding works is that it allows you to visually and quickly identify items by category. Color organization can enhance the functions of the home, kitchen, workspaces and more when used strategically.   


Start by determining the major categories or potential areas where the additional organization could be improved. After that, try considering how you would like that category or issue to be designated. For example, think about red—it’s often associated with urgency, danger and power. That makes it an ideal pairing for warnings, deadlines and things that are important that need to be done right away. Every color has its own “personality” that it is often associated with like green and finances, blue and brainstorming, yellow and positivity. 


To implement a color-coding organization, you can start by encouraging employees to color-code their calendars, providing colored filing supplies, gifting colorful containers and so much more. The benefits and possibilities for color coding are endless.  Discover the latest in color-coordination products featuring styles and trends selected by our expert merchandising team. 



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